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How strong is the cord used on the products?
We use high quality materials on all of our products to make sure our customers receive the best final product. If the product is maintained in a dry and safe place, it could last for many years.
What happens if the product breaks?
If the product breaks on the first three months we will repair it at no cost to you, shipping cost is not included. If the product breaks after three months we will repair it for a $6 fee, shipping cost is not included. All original parts must be included or additional charges may apply.
Are the stones natural or dyed?
All of our stones are natural, and some of them are painted in order to have different designs and patterns. Color and shape might vary slightly due to the nature of the stone, each piece is truly unique and one of a kind.
How many pieces do you make of one design?
Depending on the popularity of each design, we handcraft the minimum amount possible to satisfy the demand of our points of sale. We don’t usually repeat designs after the first time it's made. However, there is special circumstances where there is a high demand for a particular design, but these circumstances are also relying on the availability of the materials.
What happens if the bracelet is too big or small?
When selecting the item you are interested in, you will see an option to choose from the available sizes.
Can I change a charm on the piece?
Unfortunately we are not able to provide this option at this time. Since we buy small quantities of each of the charms, we cannot guarantee the availability of other charms. However, we can remove the charm from the piece, and mail it along side of the piece.
Do you make special orders?
We only make special orders in large quantities for unique events ensuring that the pieces represent the event itself. For more information please contact us at sales@unikhandcreations.com